Netpol – the Network for Police Monitoring – is a network made up of various organisations who monitor the police’s actions and hold them to account when they fail to live up to the standards expected of them. The organisations involved are:

Aldermaston Women’s Peace Camp

Campaign Against Criminalizing Communities (CAMPACC)

Climate Camp Legal Team


Green & Black Cross (GBC)

Legal Defence & Monitoring Group (LDMG)

Newham Monitoring Project (NMP)

Netpol is also on Twitter and Facebook.


This website includes articles provided by organisations that form part of, or work closely with Netpol. The views expressed may be personal opinions and are not necessarily those of Netpol, or all of its partners.

2 Responses to “Members”

  1. Human Being 25/08/2013 at 21:42 #

    Have photographs taken from my TV screen of the BBC 1 news at 22:00 on 19 August 2013. can’t share the news because recordings are encrypted to prevent copying :-(

    Two incidents: Caroline Lucas’s son and numberless PCs one of which appeared to kneel on the protesters face.

    Could my pics be useful to you or have you copies already?

    • policemonitor1 27/08/2013 at 14:02 #

      Those incidents have been well documented, so we dont need further evidence. But thanks for thinking of us.

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